We add a different dimension to consultancy.

In today’s world where it is difficult to reach accurate information providers, we become your solution partner with a reliable and expert team and transparent service approach. We think originally, innovatively and technology-focused, and we reflect this mindset to our solution partners.

Investment incentives are our area of expertise.

It’s a topic that we are interested in every aspect, not just one. Getting an Investment Incentive Certificate is just the beginning of the job. Let’s manage the long process together so that you can fully benefit from the incentive.


We, as Atlas Nestor, work to help businesses overcome the challenges they face. With our expert consultants, we provide customized solutions to our customers, supporting them in achieving their growth and development goals.


As Atlas Nestor, we provide our customers with current information and ideas to help increase the success of their businesses by offering useful news and articles for businesses on our current tab.